For all our coatings, I-Coats offers a range of dispersed pigments which can be added to colour the appearance of the finished ropes: ICO-PRINT. This pigment has an excellent mixing behaviour and stability with our coatings. As a side effect the pigments improve the light fastness or U.V. stability of the total coating system, depending on the colour selected.

However, the colour of the finished product is affected by many factors. Some of these are: the colour of the fibre, the colour of the coating, the amount of coating absorbed in the rope, the amount of pigment added to the coating. Therefore, a colour recipe will always be specific for a given design. Since these effects need to be tested and identified, the required colour can then be mixed from basic pigments. The colour and its intensity can be adjusted to meet the end-users requirement. This reduces the amount of pigments in stock.

I-Coats ICOPRINTTypically 1-5 weight% is added to the total coating recipe.

Some examples of mixing are:

  • Red and Green will give dark Brown.
  • Red and Yellow will give Orange.

Sometimes, it may be advisable to add minimal amount of other colors to deepen color effects. For example:

  • For a lighter brown, yellow can be added to red and green.
  • For a deeper black, 0.5% blue can be added to black.

The ICO-PRINT colours are a full range of aqueous pigment preparations for water-based coatings. They are suitable for dosing equipment and are solvent-free. They can easily be stirred into coatings.
The Light fastness results, following the ISO 105 B02 standard are mentioned below.


The five basic ICO-PRINT colours which are available in packaging of 30 kg drums.

Name Pigment content Light Fastness 1:1 Light Fastness 1:10 Water content
ico-print-gold-yellow GOLD YELLOW 37% 8 4 43%
ico-print-red RED 40% 7-8 7 40%
ico-print-blue BLUE 45% 7-8 7 40%
ico-print-green GREEN 47% 7-8 7 38%
ico-print-black BLACK 30% 7-8 7-8 55%