LAGO BF 10 is a synthetic polymer based on anionic polyurethane, especially developed for the impregnation and the textile finishes of ropes and twines made from HMPE fibers which are used in extreme bending or abrasion conditions.
LAGO BF 10 may be used without modification or diluted with water, by dip or kiss-roll methods, to bring a coating on twines, strands, ropes or nets. The coated and dried ropes and nets can be heat-set under tension at higher temperatures.
• HMPE 10-20% by weight of fiber
LAGO BF 10  has a very good stability, no stickiness when dried, not even after heat-setting. It improves abrasion resistance and bending fatigue, because of its lower friction coefficient. It has a good elasticity. As a coating LAGO BF 10, is also self- repairing, when applied on a rope with sufficient thickness. Small damages in the rope structure will recover.
LAGO BF 10 has a good wash and UV resistance.
Packaging & storage:
LAGO BF 10 is available in ± 25 kg, ± 208 kg disposable PE drums or in disposable IBC’s of 1 ton.
Stored in SEALED CONDITIONS, at ambient temperature (5°-30° C), the product is at least 6 months stable.