ICO-LUBE SW 25 is an emulsion, especially developed for the impregnation and primary lubrication of steelwire ropes and its fiber core.
ICO-LUBE SW 25 is an emulsion containing paraffin petroleum waxes and mineral oils.
ICO-LUBE SW 25 may be used without modification or diluted with water, by spray, dip or lick-roll methods, to bring a coating on steelwire.
ICO-LUBE SW 25 can be mixed with any other non-ionic emulsions and liquid pigments.
ICO-LUBE SW 25 has outstanding wear resistance when applied on wire. It gives a durable film in water environment.
Packaging & storage:
ICO-LUBE SW 25 is packed in non-returnable 25 kg plastic drums, ±200 kg PE drums or 1 T IBC’s.
Needs to be stored in closed containers at ambient temperature (5°-30° C).