ICO-LUBE 10 is a special finish for fibers, based on both a wax and a silicone emulsion. It has been developed to prevent processing damage and generally gives a better abrasion resistance for polyester, polyamide and HMPE*.
ICO-LUBE 10 may be applied by dip, padding or kiss-roll methods, to give a finish on yarns or rope. The product can be used 100% or diluted with water, depending on the required result. Drying can be either by room temperature or accelerated drying by passing through an oven.
• Polyesther 1-3% by weight of fiber
• Polyamide 1-3% by weight of fiber
• HMPE fiber 1-3% by weight of fiber
ICO-LUBE 10 reduces the fiber-fiber friction or fiber-metal friction. This improves the abrasion resistance enormously as well as the fatigue properties.
ICO-LUBE 10 provides a dry lubrication and gives a soft handle or touch. It also allows the application of other coatings on the finished rope, while still showing an improved abrasion performance.
Packaging & storage:
ICO-LUBE 10 is available in ± 25 kg, 208 kg disposable PE drums or in disposable IBC’s of 1 ton. Stored in SEALED CONDITIONS, at ambient temperature (5°-30° C), the product is at least 6 months stable.
* HMPE: High-Modulus PolyEthylene fibers, these fibers typically have a breaking strength of 20 g/den or higher.