LAGO® 45

LAGO®45 is a synthetic polymer based anionic polyurethane, especially developed for the impregnation and the textile finishes of ropes, twines and fishing nets made from HMPE fibers or Polyamide fibers.
LAGO® 45 may be used without modification by dip or kiss-roll methods, to give a coating on twines, rops or nets. The coated and dried ropes and nets can be heat set under tension at higher temperatures.
• Polyamide 10-20% by weight of fiber
• HMPE 10-20% by weight of fiber
LAGO® 45 has a good stability, no stickiness when dry, not even after heat-setting. It improves splice efficiency in ropes, because of its reasonable friction coefficient. It has a good elasticity.
LAGO® 45 also improves external abrasion resistance for ropes and nets. When applied on net panels it improves the mesh stability. LAGO® 45 has a good wash and UV resistance.
Packaging & storage:
LAGO® 45 is available in 25 kg and 208 kg drums or in IBC’s.
To be stored above 5°C.