ICO-THANE 95 is a rather hard, but more flexible, light-fast polyester-based aqueous aliphatic polyurethane dispersion compound.
ICO-THANE 95 is a PU based dispersion which needs to be properly dried and cured to form a fully polymerized film.  ICO-THANE 95 may be used without modification by spray, dip or lick-roll methods, to give a coating on the strands or rope. Indications for added weight of the dispersion to the fiber:
• Polyethylene 6-10% by weight of fiber
• Polyester 6-10% by weight of fiber
• Polyamide 6-10% by weight of fiber
• HMPE 8-12% by weight of fiber
• LCP 8-12% by weight of fiber
ICO-THANE 95 can be mixed with any other non-ionic emulsions and liquid pigments. ICO-THANE 95 has outstanding abrasion and cut-resistance when applied on ropes. It gives hard, highly extensible, tough films. It gives high clarity, dry films which do not discolor on exposure to day light.
Packaging & storage:
ICO-THANE 95 is available in ± 25 kg, ± 200 kg disposable PE drums or in disposable IBC’s of 1 ton. Stored in SEALED CONDITIONS, at ambient temperature (5°-30° C), the product is at least 6 months stable.