ICO-FIX 7719

ICO-FIX 7719 is a milky white emulsion based on vinyl acetate and vinyl acrylics. It is recommended for the finishing and fixation of twines, ropes and netting.
ICO-FIX 7719 may be used without modification or diluted with water, by spray, dip or lick-roll methods, to give a coating on the strands or rope:
• Polyester rope/netting 3-6% by weight of fiber
• Polyamide rope/netting 4-8% by weight of fiber
ICO-FIX 7719 is due to its anionic character, compatible with all non-ionic, anionic and cationic products. It provides a dry lubrication to the treated fabrics or other substrates. This results in a better stability and fixation of yarns in the twine or braid or of the meshes of the nets. It also increases the abrasion resistance.
ICO-FIX 7719 has an excellent compatibility with pigments (ICO-PRINT Range) and other additives.
Packaging & storage:
ICO-FIX 7719 is available in disposable IBC’s of 1 ton. Stored in SEALED CONDITIONS, at ambient temperature (5°-30° C), the product is at least 6 months stable.