ICO-FIX 70/30

ICO-FIX 70/30 is an anionic, synthetic polymer emulsion, especially developed for the impregnation of netting made from Polyamide or HMPE fibers, used in wild fishing and aquaculture.
ICO-FIX 70/30 may be used without modification by dip, or spray method to bring a coating on fibers, strands or nets.
• Polyamide 6-20% by weight of fiber
• HMPE 10-25% by weight of fiber
ICO-FIX 70/30 is a water-based coating, thus no solvents are released during processing. It has a good stability and shows no stickiness when entirely dry.

ICO-FIX 70/30 improves external abrasion and wear-resistance for the netting. When applied on net panels it improves the mesh strength and stability. It has good UV stability. When applied in sufficient concentration it reduces the ingress of particles very resistant to high-pressure water-cleaning.