ICO-REPEL 20 is a rather hard, but more flexible, light-fast acrylic, methacrylic esters, Entirely PTFE free, based dispersion compound especially developed for improving the hydrophobic character of the strand, braid, rope or strap.


ICO-REPEL 20 is an acrylic, methacrylic esters based dispersion which needs to be properly dried and cured to form a fully polymerized hydrophobic film.

ICO-REPEL 20 may be used without modification or in diluted form, by spray, dip or lick/kiss-roll methods, to apply a coating on the strand, braid, rope or strap.

  • Polyethylene           6-10% by weight of fibre
  • Polyamide                8-12% by weight of fibre
  • Polyester                  8-12% by weight of fibre
  • HMPE                       3-6% by weight of fibre


ICO-REPEL 20 has outstanding durable water and oil resistance while applied on any kind of fibre.

ICO-REPEL 20 is self-cross linking. It is very durable to washing out.
Slightly stirring before use.